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L1 Package - .0167 BTC

Understanding BitCoin

This is your introduction on understanding history of BitCoin. it will also walk you through the process creating your own BlockChain Account,so you can begin participating in the cryptocurrencey Markets.

L2 Package - .05 BTC

Wealth Creation PDF’s

This is your introduction to Wealth Creation! It is going to provide you with the foundation for building long term wealth for your and your family. These are simple to read and simple to understand lessons, on taking you from where you are today to where you want to be financially in a quicker amount of time.

L3 Package - .15 BTC

Wealth Creation Videos

This 4 part video series with access to over 50 dynamic videos on several different parts of wealth creation. This course will provide you a vast amount of knowledge to explode your wealth quicker than you thought possible, while also showing you how to protect your wealth once you get it. This is another building block inside of the Auto BTC product lineup that gives you the tools and foundation for success.

L4 Package - .45 BTC

Forex Trading

This training system is going to teach everything you need to know about the Forex Markets, so you can get ready for the next step which is implementation. You will gain access to 21 professionally made videos that take you by the hand, and teach you all you need to know about the Forex Markets. Once you have completed this course you will know more than 95% of others out there, who are watching this opportunity pass them by.

L5 Package - 1.35 BTC

Trading System

Let’s us take you by the hand, and give you access to a private trader who has been doing this for over 26 years. This course comes with 16 videos that gives you the edge you have been looking for, when it comes to trading in the different markets. This is one of our flagship products, and can help anyone from a newbie to a seasoned trader. Don’t let another day go by trading blindly. Plug into the Auto BTC Trading System, and begin the wealth creation you have always dreamed of.

L6 Package - 4.35 BTC

BTC & Forex Signals Platform

How would you like to be notified every time a professional trader saw an opportunity for you to make money in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets? With Auto BTC Signals Product, you will literally given the trades you should make. We all have busy lives, so you may not have time to watch the markets all day...with this product you don’t have to! Auto BTC Signals Product is going to give you the edge you need to explode your trading earnings! You will be notified instantly every time you should make a trade on the Forex or BTC market. All you have to do is take action and build the wealth you desire.

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